About Doorway To Amaranthia

Doorway to Amaranthia. Now just what is that supposed to mean? Be patient, now, and I’ll tell you.

Simply put: Amaranthia to me is a place of never-fading. It’s a place that only exists to preserve imagination. The way you get there is through a doorway of expression. In a way, I suppose the path forms the destination.

One of the most beautiful things in this world to me is the capacity with which God has given us to express ourselves through music, writing, and art. And so, I created this blog (selfishly, I suppose) for me to express my own self. I’ve been in desperate need of an outlet. Also, I wanted a place to share others’ creations that have inspired my own; hopefully they will provide inspiration and an imaginative escape for you as well.

So what can you expect from this blog? Basically, my posts will consist of poetry (others and mine), song lyrics, my musings on life, quotes from people much wiser than me, and other miscellaneous-ities. This won’t be a diary of daily happenings in my oh-so-interesting life (ha). I probably won’t have any interesting tutorials to teach you. But I do hope that as I express my own self that I’ll be building a door for you to enter your own sort of Amaranthia.




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