An ‘Opheliac’ Halloween

Hello all!

I do hope you have all had a safe and fun Halloween night:) And gotten way too much sugar in your systems! I know I have.

Well, just wanted to do a quick post of my costume for tonight, so here it is:

It was a last-minute thing I threw together, inspired by Emilie Autumn. I was surprised that it actually turned out pretty well!

Hair: pinned back into lopsided buns, curls in front, random ribbons (can’t really see them) and tulle bows

Top: plain black tank, safety-pinned pink and white striped heart, safety pins crossing the heart (for Emilie’s signature cross-bow heart)

Skirt: ragged black/silver pinstripe tiered skirt, short hoop skirt (from my little sister’s flower girl dress), pinned up in front with pink lace bows

P.S – Sorry I haven’t been posting much of my poetry. I really haven’t had time to write much other than English essays and I doubt you want to read those. :p As soon as I have some substantial writings, you’ll be the first to see them. Good night and goodbye for now!


One thought on “An ‘Opheliac’ Halloween

  1. ooobop! says:

    Cute costume and make up 🙂

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