Photo Challenge!

Yes, friends, I have caved. I have given in to the thing that all bloggers find themselves doing sooner or later: a photo-a-day challenge. Ah yes, conformity. I know you’re shocked. But conformity can be so much fun sometimes! 😀

Anyway. Self-righteous melodrama aside, here is the photo challenge that I will be doing:

Looks like it should be an interesting one!

So here we have Day 1: Self Portrait…

 (You can’t really see my dress, but I’m kinda-sorta-in-a-way dressed as Christine Daae from Phantom Of The Opera for a costume party earlier tonight. Not that convincing, but whatever. :p)

See y’all tomorrow, if I remember to stay diligent with this challenge!



One thought on “Photo Challenge!

  1. rfljenksy says:

    Very cool. Good luck with it. I love the photo challenges because it’s interesting finding the “right” picture for each theme or challenge.

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