Your Sugar Sits Untouched — Emilie Autumn

Hello all!

A month or so ago, I came across a wonderfully eccentric artist by the name of Emilie Autumn and absolutely fell in love. She is an exceptional singer, violinist, and composer with incredibly poignant, honest, and observant lyrics. (And she loves tea, so of course that elevates her to a high position with me. ;))

This past week, I have only just discovered that she is a published poet as well. I thought it only right that I should share this delightful find with you, being that there are so many lovely poets among my acquaintances here in the blogosphere. I found her book of poetry, Your Sugar Sits Untouched: Tea Time Poems by Emilie Autumn, in audio format on Spotify and was transported with just the few poems I listened to. I bought the entire audiobook/album on iTunes this morning and I must say it’s my best recent investment.

In Your Sugar Sits Untouched, EA narrates her lovely poetry while being backed by her signature elements of harpsichord and violin, creating a nostalgic atmosphere. I’ve been very inspired by EA’s writing style, and I do hope that you’ll take a look at her work and find inspiration as well.

The following is one of my favorite poems from Miss Autumn’s collection:

[P.S. — Sorry for my my little fan-girl tangent. I tend to get quite excited when I find an imaginative artist that inspires me, and just had to share. lol]


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