Lamenting This Madness


If I hear another selfish voice,

I know my screams will come

Frustrated cries from one who’s had enough

Of idle voices filling the air

With unimportant, noisy, prideful



Or maybe these are even worse:

Those that are sharp with precision

Premeditated murderers of the spirit of man

Oh, the cutting, hateful venom they inject into my heart

The poet will scream in agony to the skies

For what else is there to do 

In the face of this madness?


If another tear-storm rains to the earth,

 I just know this time I’ll drown

Drown in the mourning of this sin-wracked world

I will join in their tears

Tears first of anger and disbelief

Of despair, and now resignation

For what else is there to do

In the face of this madness?


But now I see hope born from misery

Of course, for what reason would there be to dream

to pray

to hope 

to believe

In something better if the best is what you now have?


So in the face of this madness,

I’ll stare until I smile

Smile because, though it was meant to cripple us

We have emerged the stronger


Copyright © Bethany Richardson 2012


One thought on “Lamenting This Madness

  1. lily says:

    Well said, and I empathize. I hope you have been well, Bethany. ~ Lily

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