Close-Up Of Quintessence

Most anything is appealing when abstracted

Imperfections, as good as nonexistent

Tell-tale smears, scars of battles fought

All of them veiled behind the blessing of distance


But one thing can stand the test of scrutiny

Improves when you hold it to the light

When clandestine layers are peeled away

When the dusts of self-doubt are blown abroad

Underneath the cloaking lamina of assumed disposition


Reader, it is the soul!

Beneath is all we have attempted to hide,

But it is all that we want to be!

There is promise, there is embryonic future!

Within is the beauty, within is the courage

Within is all we cannot synthesize in physicality!


But as we peer through the spy-glass

Introspectively examine

We see nothing good here, let’s cover it up!

But your bias is blind


Led astray

You must look through the eyes of One who sees clearly


Relinquish the rights of your soul, that truly were never yours

Allow your Creator, the Author of your being

To adjust the lens of the scope of your mind

Widen it, dilate past misconceptions

He will illustrate your worth

What is already within

Create a renewed and true image of yourself

The close-up of your quintessence


Copyright © Bethany Richardson 2012


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